International Trends in Digital Accessibility

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Digital accessibility is an important factor to consider for any company or business that provides online content. It is especially critical that publishers offering eBook content understand not only how to provide accessible content but also how to keep up with international trends in digital accessibility.

Defining Digital Accessibility

When exploring current trends in the sector, it can be helpful to have a working definition of digital accessibility. Tim Berners-Lee, known as the inventor of the World Wide Web and founder of the World Wide Web Consortium, W3C, said that an essential aspect of the web is “access by everyone regardless of disability.” Digital accessibility aims to provide access to internet users of all different types of abilities. In particular, accessibility looks at providing access to users who face any of the following:

  • Visual impairment
  • Cognitive disability
  • Auditory impairment
  • Motor skills difficulties

Trends in Digital Accessibility Around the Globe

Research by students at Stanford University examined trends in digital accessibility and showed why it is an important factor for companies to consider. The current demographic environment in which baby boomers are aging is also encouraging the use of accessible digital tools.

The digital world by its very definition is a rapidly changing place. Digital accessibility is always evolving, and innovators worldwide are constantly bringing new trends and possibilities to the world of digital content and publishing:

  • Artificial intelligence for user interfaces
  • Transcription and audio sync
  • Accessible metadata so consumers can review quality of content
  • Automated image descriptions
  • Voice-controlled assistants

Ensure Your Content Provides Accessibility

Digital accessibility is an important sector in the eBook publishing marketplace, so you should not neglect to ensure your content provides accessibility features. To explore the various ways you can improve access to your content, browse our accessibility services and discover what options might work best for your particular needs and the needs of your intended audience.

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