Quality assurance is key to consistently maintaining the accessibility of your website

Digital accessibility requirements are evolving as we continue to consume various types of content using our smart devices. While integrating accessibility features has emerged to be a key part of digital strategy, it is far from a one-time effort. To ensure your digital content/website is accessible, compliant, and primed to deliver uninterrupted, great experience to every user, you need to test for accessibility quality assurance (QA) periodically.

Amnet’s accessibility QA services are designed to help you identify and remove barriers, meet every accessibility requirement, and achieve compliance. By combining cutting-edge tools, efficient workflows, and smart audit processes, we offer custom QA services tailored to fit the need of your site structure and content accessibility and usability requirements. Drawing on our demonstrated publishing services capabilities, we offer comprehensive services that provide complete visibility into your accessibility maturity level. We strictly follow WCAG guidelines to ensure your digital content consistently meets quality and regulatory standards. Our scalable and cost-effective services can be bundled to meet your business-specific requirements and yet remain within your budget.

Amnet’s Accessibility QA Services

General: We conduct a comprehensive functional test to assess how well users with disabilities can navigate, access, and comprehend your site and whether or not it is compliant with accessibility standards. Based on the audit, we highlight barriers and suggest relevant solutions for every issue.

End-user testing: We provide end-user testing, which enables us to offer real insights based on firsthand experience that is invaluable when remediating accessibility issues. This helps fix design issues and offers an outstanding experience to the target audience.

Assistive technology testing: Disabled people use a range of assistive technologies to access content on the internet. Whether it is screen readers, browser-based tools, switches to regulate the mouse and keyboard, or braille displays, we can help test your website on the effectiveness of using these technologies as accessibility tools.

Why partner with Amnet?

  • As an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified organization, we guarantee data security, confidentiality and integrity, and business continuity.
  • As domain experts, we offer custom and targeted solutions based on your accessibility priorities and requirements.
  • A dedicated talent pool, extensive resources, and advanced tools help accelerate speed to market.
  • Methodical processes, best practices, and testing and evaluation techniques ensure delivery excellence.
  • Regular training to ensure up-to-date knowledge of web accessibility standards, including WCAG, enables us to offer compliant services.

Talk to us to know more about our accessibility QA services and how we can help you identify barriers and quickly remediate your website, enhancing its accessibility, performance, and usability.