Global companies are under increasing pressure to do more for less, improving products without additional resources or costs to stay competitive. The need of the hour is to invest in smarter solutions that combine the efficiencies of on-site staff with the cost of outsourcing. This need has led to the genesis of Smartshoring™, which is the panacea for all the pressing demands of dynamic customer expectations and profitable sustenance.

Amnet in its continuous search for excellence realized that though pure offshoring has its advantages, it’s not always optimal. In its endeavor to optimize processes to efficiently and effectively enhance service delivery, Amnet follows Smartshoring™, which is a smart balance between onshore and offshore resources enriched with strategic global partnerships across multiple geographies. Amnet Smartshoring™ is essentially an amalgamation of the best features of onshore and offshore services, the objective being efficient processes, prudent cost management, and enhanced service delivery.

A world map with an Amnet logo at the bottom-left corner.
Certain places on the map are connected with dotted lines. These locations are labeled, Enhanced Efficiency, Better Control, Minimized Cost, On time Delivery, High Quality, Predictable Outcome, and B C P. Small icons to represent each of these words appear next to them.

Streamlined communication across Amnet’s Smartshore locations enables a clear and profound understanding of customer expectations in providing solutions. The result is a cohesive output that minimizes cost, improves productivity, and shortens time to market. Amnet Smartshoring™ allows you to have a resource base that is better aligned to your goals, quality standards, and corporate culture regardless of time and distance.

Smartshoring™ in a nutshell

  • Decoupling specialized/skill intensive services from production services to bring down cost
  • Selecting strategic partners to tap into the most mission specific talent

How does it benefit you?

  • Enhanced efficiency—resource expertise is more aligned to your goals
  • High quality services—a blend of creative and process expertise
  • Better control—liaison with local account management
  • Predictable outcome by virtue of custom built delivery unit
  • Lower operational cost—optimized with offshore resources
  • Shortened time to market—effective project management
  • A solid business continuity plan