Accessible Publishing: How Everyone Can Benefit

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The advancement and proliferation of digital media has created an amazing opportunity to address the needs of readers with disabilities. Technology facilitates features that can now enable those with hearing or vision impairments to consume the same content as non-disabled readers. While companies just entering the digital market may hesitate to invest in accessible publishing, the returns can benefit everyone involved.

Publishing Companies

A major concern of many publishers is that accessible publishing means creating a system completely separate from their current model. However, the software that enables accessibility features can be used to create any digital media. Though adopting the software requires some investment and transition, once the process is in place, all media can be produced using these programs.

By producing all content through accessible formats, publishers have a new market: individuals with auditory impairment, visual impairment, colorblindness or dyslexia. These readers have historically struggled to find accessible materials, which left their market potential untapped. Once options that meet their needs become available, these readers can become a highly profitable demographic.


The consumers who can obviously benefit the most are readers with some form of print processing impairment, who comprise 10 percent of the population in developed countries and even more in developing countries. However, this shift can also benefit non-disabled readers, who now have the option to further customize their media experience. All consumers can benefit from more features such as these:

  • Text to audio
  • Closed captions
  • Font style, color and size choices

In the digital age, consumers expect devices and content to conform to their preferences. Accessible publishing can offer the customization non-disabled readers demand while meeting the ethical standard of providing media that meets the needs of disabled consumers.

Transitioning to accessible publishing can be daunting, but Amnet has a number of resources to assist you along the way. Whether you’re looking to transform existing content or create born accessible media, Amnet can help you make the switch to compliant formats.


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