World Braille Day – Jan 4, 2018

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Today is World Braille Day, and as we laud Louis Braille’s contributions in helping blind and visually impaired to read and write, it aligns with Amnet’s vision of providing digital equality by making content accessible to everyone.

In this age of advancing technologies, reaching the widest possible audience is a top priority, and catering to the disabled poses a rare opportunity that has not been adequately addressed. This avenue not only benefits individuals but also brings into effect the interests of society at large.

Accessibility has become an important goal when it comes to equal opportunity in content delivery, and it is now governed by federal and international regulations.

Amnet and Accessibility

Amnet is a champion of digital equality, and we provide expertise, implementation, scalability, and compliance with those accessibility regulations all within your budget.

Accessibility services include accessible PDF, alternative text creation, audio sync + transcription, and website audit and compliance.

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