Amnet conducted an informative Webinar – The Art of Alt: Making the Most of Alt Text, presented by Rachel Comerford, Senior Director of Content Standards and Accessibility at Macmillan Learning, and moderated by Frances Daniele, Director of Accessibility and Key Relationships at Amnet.

About the Webinar

This webinar was about how incorporating effective alt text into your web pages can open the door to a wider audience. Alt text is an essential part of web accessibility, allowing all users to access important information in photographs, illustrations, and other types of images.

This webinar addressed questions such as why we need alt text, how to write good alt text, and how to avoid common pitfalls around describing visual content.

About the Speaker

Senior Director of Content Standards and Accessibility @Macmillan Learning
Rachel Comerford is the Senior Director of Content Standards and Accessibility at Macmillan Learning where she spearheads cross-functional efforts to ensure customer satisfaction and access for all. Recent projects include the implementation of a company-wide accessibility training initiative, accessibility authoring and quality assurance guidelines, and a new customer outreach and response plan. She has over a decade of experience in the print and digital publishing world.
A photo of Rachel Comerford.

Amnet and Accessibility

For companies that need to make their content accessible, Amnet provides born accessible content and also remediates existing content. Amnet helps clients stay ahead of the curve and enables digital equality in compliance with regulatory requirements such as ADA, WCAG 2.1, and Section 508. Amnet is a Benetech certified accessible vendor.