Make audio and video content accessible with accurate transcripts

According to WHO, approximately 2.5 billion people are expected to be living with some form of hearing loss by 2050. With online media content growing at an alarming rate, it is important to ensure both audio and video content are accessible for hard-of-hearing users. This can be achieved through transcription, captioning, and audio descriptions. Apart from accessibility, there is also an extra advantage of adding alternative texts to media content: they become discoverable by search engine spiders. By adding a set of the right keywords, you can optimize your videos and audios and improve their search ranking. But to make audio and video content accessible, organizations need to understand and follow WCAG guidelines closely, which will help them meet accessibility requirements and stay compliant.

Amnet can help provide transcripts, captions, and audio descriptions

We offer both transcripts and closed captioning for every audio and video media content based on your accessibility requirements. We have a trained team of experts that is adept at providing accurate transcriptions and audio descriptions in compliance with WCAG 2.0 guidelines. With our services you will be able to make your information and content completely accessible to all users suffering from hearing loss and deafness. Whether you want transcriptions, closed captions, audio descriptions, or a mix of the three, we can help you transcribe the complete range of audio and video content along with non-speech elements and sound effects. Plus, our engagement models are flexible, making our services affordable, which can also be tailored to meet your budget and project requirements.

Advantages of our accessibility services

Professional services by domain experts

Amnet is known for its unparalleled focus on accessibility. Drawing on our extensive accessibility resources, deep domain expertise, tools, and meticulous quality assurance processes, we offer best-in-class, accurate, and SEO-friendly transcription and captioning services. We help you meet the needs of your target audience, and accurate captioning and transcription are also known to have a broader appeal. We help you make your audios and videos universally accessible, facilitating better comprehension and driving deeper engagement with every viewer.

One hundred percent compliant captioning services

As the demand for accessible digital assets continues to rise, organizations are striving hard to ensure their websites and digital content are compliant with the latest accessibility standards. With our specialized services, you can ensure strict compliance with every accessibility standard. Our relentless focus on compliance helps us ensure every transcription, captioning, or audio description is in conformance with WCAG guidelines and in compliance with the ADA and Section 508.

Irrespective of the volume and type of audio and video content, we can help you quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively transcribe or caption them per accessibility guidelines and norms. Talk to us to understand the process and get a quote.