Extend your reach to people with hearing difficulties

Do you know that approximately 500,000 deaf people across the United States and Canada rely on the American Sign Language (ASL) as their natural/native language? Captioning is a great way to make video content accessible for hard-of-hearing or deaf users. However, adding sign language is equally important, as many deaf users can comprehend only sign language. Complete video accessibility is imperative to ensuring information is accessible to every user; with ASL, organizations can extend their reach to newer target audiences and also ensure digital inclusion.

Amnet can provide professional American Sign Language services

We have a team of certified American Sign Language (ASL) translators that can help interpret content virtually. By employing advanced tools and setups, we provide accurate interpretation of content remotely through smart devices. Our team is adept in both sign language technicalities and linguistic skills, which enables us to deliver high-quality interpretations and in turn offer personalized, engaging, comprehensible, and an easy-viewing experience. With our timely, accurate, and verified sign language services, you can reach the deaf and other hard-of-hearing audiences who use sign language as their native language to understand any form of communication. We have flexible engagement models at competitive pricing that can all be bundled conveniently to meet your budget and project requirements.

Advantages of our ASL services

Professional services by certified experts

Amnet is known for its unparalleled focus on accessibility. That is why every interpretation project is handled by certified and qualified translators. We follow meticulous and robust quality assurance processes to ensure we deliver best-in-class, accurate ASL services with a quick turnaround time. We not only help you meet the needs of your target audience but also ensure compliance with the relevant regulatory standards. Our team of professionals helps you make your videos fully accessible, thus facilitating better comprehension and driving a deeper engagement with every viewer.

One hundred percent compliant ASL services

As the demand for accessible digital assets continues to rise, organizations are striving hard to ensure their website and digital content are compliant with accessibility standards. With our specialized and professional ASL services, you can ensure strict compliance with every accessibility standard. Our relentless focus on compliance helps us ensure every ASL interpretation is in conformance with WCAG 2.0/2.1 (AA and AAA) guidelines and in compliance with the ADA and Section 508.

Partner with us to take advantage of professional ASL services at an affordable cost. Talk to us to understand how we can help interpret your videos per accessibility guidelines and norms, and get a quote.