Accessible PDFs are key to ensuring overall website accessibility

Your website is not fully accessible if digital documents do not meet the accessibility criteria. And since PDF is one of the widely used formats, the accessibility of these documents plays a key role in ensuring equal experience for every user. Creating an accessible PDF requires structuring the document in a way that it meets the comprehensive standards of PDF/UA, WCAG 2.X, and Section 508.

Amnet can help remediate PDFs

Our dedicated team of PDF remediation experts is adept in converting PDF documents into accessible PDFs that are in compliance with WCAG 2.X, Section 508, and PDF/UA standards. We review, identify, and remove every accessibility barrier and restructure the document through correct content tagging to ensure it is easily navigable by assistive technologies. Whether it is dynamically generated or a static PDF, we can help you convert and transform every type of PDF document into fully accessible ones.

Advantages of our accessibility services

Professional services by domain experts

Amnet is known for its unparalleled focus on accessibility. Drawing on our extensive accessibility resources, deep domain expertise, remediation tools, and meticulous procedures, we remediate every aspect of PDF content, including texts, graphics, tables, lists, and so on. We run comprehensive tests to ensure every document is readable by assistive technologies. Our specialized services are efficient and affordable and allow you to ensure complete accessibility of every logically structured PDF document to meet the needs of your target audience.

Accessible PDF: Key Differentiators

  • It is compliant with WCAG 2.X and PDF U/A.
  • Tagged correctly = Screen readers can read the text in a logical fashion.
  • Metadata is structured correctly.
  • Any language characters and symbols are properly identified.
  • Alt text is added to images and any non-textual content.

One hundred percent compliant PDF documents

As the demand for accessible digital assets continues to rise, organizations are striving hard to ensure their website and digital documents are compliant with accessibility standards. With our expert PDF remediation services, you can ensure perfect compliance with every accessibility standard. Our relentless focus on compliance helps us ensure your PDF documents are in conformance with WCAG 2.X (A and AA) guidelines.

Irrespective of the complexity and volume of PDF documents, we can help you remediate them per accessibility guidelines and norms quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. Talk to us to understand the process and get a quote.