The publishing environment has drastically changed in the past decade. Digital publishing is the order of the day and publishers must produce digitized content that caters to an omnichannel market. In addition, there is the fiscal and the ethical need to address disabled end users by making content accessible across digital channels. The digital inclusivity of people with disabilities has become a reality with the current technological inventions and laws.

The aging population also contributes to a large portion of your content consumers. With age comes a gradual decline in vision, hearing, manual dexterity, and cognitive abilities. Publishing businesses lose potential clients because their digital content and websites are not comfortable to navigate for them. 

By embracing accessible designs and creating accessible content for the people with disabilities, we can overcome digital discrimination against a large section of the society. Technology has the power to address their isolation and improve their quality of life.

Be it educational, trade, scientific, magazine or any other genre of publishing, Amnet can help you create born accessible content or remediate existing ones. With 20 years of experience in the publishing space, Amnet understands the market dynamics and are equipped with a smart digital born accessible strategy to maximize content consumption.