Advance inclusivity with born-accessible content

Digital accessibility is central to providing all users access to digital assets and information. It is also a legal requirement to ensure there is no discrimination against people with disabilities. With the spotlight intensifying on accessibility, organizations are scrambling to make their digital assets and content accessible. But rather than working on it retroactively, which is far more expensive and tedious, businesses are trying to embrace accessibility right from the get-go to create born-accessible content. Integrating accessibility during the development stage not only improves access to content for people with disabilities but also has a great potential to enhance the overall user experience for everyone.

Amnet can help develop born-accessible content

We have a team of experts that brings extensive experience and technical expertise in designing and integrating accessibility features right from the start of your digital journey. We help you predict and identify potential barriers and recommend and help integrate relevant accessibility features to ensure you have born-accessible content. We help you make accessibility an integral part of your digital content, saving you a significant amount of effort, time, and money that it might otherwise take to remediate a live website and its digital content.

Advantages of our born-accessibility services

Professional services by domain experts services

Amnet is known for its unparalleled focus on accessibility. Drawing on our extensive accessibility resources, deep domain expertise, tools, and meticulous procedures, we offer specialized services in creating born-accessible content. Our team is well equipped and adept at identifying accessibility barriers and providing relevant accessibility solutions compatible with adaptive and assistive technologies. Using a three-step approach—design, framework, and testing—we help you create born-accessible content by integrating fundamental and right-fit accessibility features from the ground up.

One hundred percent compliant born-accessible content

We strictly follow and conform to WCAG 2.0/2.1 guidelines. This enables us to ensure the client websites and content are compliant with the global accessibility regulatory standards applicable in various countries. We help you build accessible content with a universal design that is compliant, advances inclusivity, and offers equal opportunity to everybody to participate and engage on the web.

Create born-accessible content to provide an equitable user experience for all and to ensure compliance. Talk to us to find out how we can help you make accessibility a core feature of your digital content.