Provide equal reading experience through Accessible EPUB 3

As e-books continue to rapidly replace printed books, it is becoming increasingly important for publishers to ensure inclusivity by providing every reader access to their e-books. With approximately one billion people living with some form of disability across the world, digital accessibility has emerged to be a priority for publishers of all stripes. Whether you are into e- publishing or corporate media house or industrial training institutes, to ensure digital equality, wider reach, and compliance, you need to enhance and enrich all content. The accessible EPUB 3 format helps you create and standardize content that is easily accessible to every user irrespective of ability.

Amnet can help convert to EPUB 3

We offer a full range of accessible EPUB 3 services at an affordable cost that can be tailored to best suit the needs of publishers and corporates for document accessibility and standardization. Our team of experts is well equipped and adept at handling any content and layout of any complexity and volume. Using the right tools, and workflow/process, we can convert any format into accessible EPUB 3 accurately and cost effectively while being compliant with International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) and WCAG standards. We relentlessly focus on the quality of conversion and strictly follow the standard accessibility guidelines to ensure delivery excellence.

Accessible EPUB

  • Generating accessible metadata
  • Ensuring logical reading order
  • Semantic structuring
  • Tagging tables
  • Generating MathML
  • Writing and integrating alt text descriptions
  • Defining languages
  • Assistive Testing using visual challenged persons
  • Ensuring compliance with WCAG 2.1 AA
  • Testing with screen readers

Advantages of our accessible EPUB 3 services

Professional services by domain experts

Amnet is known for its unparalleled focus on accessibility. Drawing on our extensive accessibility resources, deep domain expertise, remediation tools, and meticulous procedures, we offer reliable and efficient accessible EPUB 3 conversions. Our team is trained and skilled in handling conversions from any format including printed books, PDF, EPUB 2 books, EPUB files with embedded audio and video, , MS Word, , InDesign, HTML, and XHTML. We bring extensive experience in providing quick and high-quality service. Amnet is a Benetech-certified accessible vendor. Amnet’s Born Accessible Score is 96% which is in line with the WCAG –AA standards.

One hundred percent compliant EPUB 3 conversions

We have a laser focus on compliance and ensure our team is up-to-date with the latest WCAG guidelines. Our conversions guarantee compliance for every EPUB publication and deliver an outstanding reading experience for all readers. Our services also ensure that our accessible EPUB 3 conversions are compatible with most e-book readers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

We can help you create smart content that is accessible to every reader. Talk to us about your challenges and conversion requirements, and we can help you walk through the process, timelines, and cost.